After I exit the ticket, the +- buttons don’t work

hay can i have a Question please. When i enter an item onto a ticket and want repeat the item when i go back into the ticket later, i try to press the + button, but it won’t let me highlight and repeat an item i previously entered. Do you know how to fix this?

That’s because the Order is Submitted and Locked. The Order cannot be changed in any way once it is submitted.

There are ways to change this behavior, but by default, that is the way it works, and for good reason.

Can you tell me how to change this? is there a way to only allow add (+) button to work after you exit the ticket and open back up the ticket?

No, there is not. You get both +/- or nothing.

Why would you want to change quantity after submitted. Why not just make another order?

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We want to make it easier for staff to repeat items for faster service.

In V5 has duplicate order action just for that another reason of upgrade :slight_smile: and lots more you can do. Only $99, Even $300 still worth every pennies.

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You could use Duplicate Orders Action.

@sukasem beat me to it :slight_smile: