Again about license

i pay for the license that also include database backup and etc. SO how i can get the license and can activate it?

you need to login under samba market then install activate buttons will be active

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i did like this, but actually nothing happened , on the right upper corner is my login name, i click to activate button - nothing, restart samba - nothing (((

then you can try clearing the license key by logging in sambamarket webpage under my products

and then activate again under samba market


I did everything what you say, but it still not activated. Please help me )))

Have you logged into the samba market website to clear licence keys?

Click clear licence keys

I’ll try all what you are written here. Clear Licence keys, restart, also uninstall moduls, restart system and try install it, restart samba - but it’s also in trial. And i have just one computer with samba, so have only 1 terminal? @RickH - so i need make new account on sambamarket -and you can transfer payment to that account? or i didn’t understand your tutorial ( sorry

Ignore the bit about creating an account if you have already created one. Just sign in and clear licence keys then when you start samba go to market and log in and you should be able to activate the module


Did you pay $99 for V5? Make sure you have V5 PRO license in My Product page on sambamarket

It does work, you must be doing something wrong, have you purchased the V5 licence?

Can you add a screenshot of the sambapos > market screen? That may give an idea about what is wrong.

.about restart - i did it

@igorlav This screen shot is from SambaPOS V4. You need to install latest SambaPOS V5.

Also you’ll need to read this post to upgrade database from V4 to V5.

Read this post for all detailed V5 info.

Don’t forget to backup your database before upgrading to V5.

Does this take time to process? I’ve tried everything here and my V5 license doesn’t show in “my products” on samba market website either. Paid with PayPal about an hour ago.

It should activate automatically but sometimes it may not activate instantly due to issues related with paypal integration. We activate missing licenses manually once in 24 hours.

I’ve activated your license. It should appear under My Products shortly.

All good now… Thanks again!!