Age Restricted Date of Birth Check (Solved - Windows date format error)

i cant enter it in that format as the mas is set to dd mm yyyy

I mean try it see if it converts.

actually it isnt working when it does format with slashes, i just tried 12/08/2000 which should be valid but the rule fires as if it is invalid

IF you enabled override windows settings sambapos won’t use xx.xx.xx format anymore. It switched to mm/dd/yyyy as default format for English language. You can check which format is used on Ticket Explorer screen.

You need to enter in that format to make it work. 12 / 8 means 8 december and it is not valid. Disable override windows settings to use system format but in this case you need to be ensure all terminals in your network uses same system format.

Also you can try using default date format by using this query setting.

[?Enter Customer's DOB (8 Digits);;{TICKET TAG:Customer's D.O.B};N2;49,50,51|52,53,54|55,56,57|8,48,13]

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ive turned override setting off so it uses UK date style of dd mm yyyy

The default date format you gave only allows a 6 digit date as shown below

Samba correctly formats this date as per my windows settings as shown below

Ticket tag updates correctly in the above format, but the date entered was 01.01.18 which should have triggered the reject rule as under 18 but didnt

So how you’ll enter my dob if I borned in 1918 :wink:

I think you need to switch to 4 digit year format (from windows regional settings) to solve it.

I am in 4 digit year, but the above setting you asked me to try only allows me to enter a 2 digit year, do we not just need to change the mask above to allow a 4 digit year and not just 2?

Fixed it!! hurray!

Done a couple of tests and it seems to work perfect now (change my windows time format back to dd/mm/yyyy and it works. I didnt even realise i had it set to a 2 number format year which was messing up the whole process

Thanks Emre :slight_smile:

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actually not quite there, the ticket tag is now saving the date in the US format of MM/dd/yyyy but i am entering it in the UK format dd/MM/yyyy

dont know why the ticket tag is now saving it this way, how can i specify that the ticket tag is saved in dd/MM/yyyy format instead?

how dates are displayed in ticket explorer?

Nevermid, i reset the mask back to this above to force it into the correct format and it now does seem to work perfectly

ticket explorer uses the correct format from my windows settings as below

it seems that unless we put the mask in to physically make samba put it in the dd/MM/yyyy format it defaults to MM/dd/yyyy regardless of the windows settings

OK great! seems like automatic date formatting does not work for a reason. I’ll check this.

i knew there was a bug somewhere haha :wink:

Haha Yes. I’m glad it worked fine.

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