All my info is gone

Today we restart the computer and all my configuration and data is not there I found a data backup in My Documents and I restore the data base and still is empty try to do a restore point but my computer have restore point off.
What can I do?
All products categories user everything is gone :frowning:

Check your connection string, perhaps you did something that changed samba to a new database. Look in sql manager to see if you have multiple databases.
Even the clear database task wouldn’t delete products and users.

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Were you using SQL? Surely you were not using txt database?

yes I use sql database

Samba is connecting correct with the string and just let me insert the password 1234 is the same string that is my worry

SQL wouldn’t just clear whole database.
As I said even the clear database tool only clears transactions etc.
Your not giving us much to go on other than just making stabs in the dark.
Connect to database using ms SQL manager.

Show screenshots please.

Thanks my friends I already fix the problem my customer create a Training by mistake Thanks for your support

Training mode should duplicate existing data in temporary database, not make a new empty one!

I found in string this: “User Id=sa; Password=123456; training mode;”
just erase training mode part from string and deleted in sql manager the training data base and everything is good to go now

You were in training mode… you should have had a button to exit training mode. It will delete that database and switch back to your original database automatically.