All you can eat - Implementation

Hello Guys,

I have a question, I don’t know if here is the place to ask:

The manager of a restaurant asked if I can create something like “packs”, let’s say for £40, or £50 where the customer can order anything from the menu. It’s like “all you can eat” option.

I will find out today what exactly he wants, I will update this post.


Yea just create a products called £40 Pack, £50 Pack or whatever you want and use order tags to add the items to include in that pack

You can set the product to auto select so when it is added to the ticket the order tag screen automatically appears to add the items you want. You can also set a minimum and maximum number of order tags to add to the products to ensure the right number of order tags are selected for that product pack

You can also set inventory to link to the order tags so that you inventory balances are also updated


Thanks, I will give it a try. :smile: