All you can eat

HI we have a sit down restaurant and we have a sit down dine in deal where you pay a certain amount and you can have all you can eat from a limited menu. How can we set that up using SambaPos v5. Also note the items on the all you can eat menu are also part of the ala carte menu.

Thanks heaps in advance.

Some configuration that sets an all you can eat mode by adding an ‘all you can eat product’ at the price and then because its in all you can eat mode it changes prices to 0 maybe?
My half board package at hotel uses a second price list which then accounts for supliments also and changes a starter, main and dessert to DBB price for each person based on the occupancy value set from the PMS intergration on room entity value.

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Sorry for the late revert. Been enjoying my read. Thanks once again.