Amazon FireOS Tablets

Has anyone ever tried to run Go Tablet or Mobile client on Amazon FireOS tablets?

No is it even available for it?

Its based of Android and you can install Play Store on it

If you can get play store then try it. But most Amazon tablets are pitiful performance.

How bad can they be? All it has to run is Go Tablet and nothing else

They are pretty bad. I’d much rather buy a $99 Samsung honestly.

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Thanks @Jesse, Ill see if I can find some Samsung tablets. At the moment shipments are not coming here so its hard to find anything except Amazon tablets which the supplier has in stock.

You should try one then and see how it does.

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Thats the plan :slight_smile:

Does Go Tablet work on 8 inch tablets though? Or is it only 10+?


Never mind, I found this

SambaPOS GO Tablet application works on Tablet devices which have 7 inches and above screen size. (It won’t work on mobile phones)

I have tried Amazon Fire HD10 with Go Tablet with success. Mine were 7th generation devices based on Android 5.0. Just followed this link and everything worked like charm. You can give it a try

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