AND / OR Multiple Constraints on Rule Action

Quick question that I can’t find any other posts on;
Can you set multiple constrains on a rules action in the form of a AND or an OR?

Can you show an example of what your trying to do?

It’s to do with the switching user setup.
I want to remove the username tag from a ticket if it has en entity assigned.
However thinking about it now it going to be simpler than that,
The correct constraints are on two actions one is if entity table is “” then tag with username, the other is if it’s not blank remove tag.
Want to use customer entities aswell as tables so if you set customer atm it will still reopen that ticket when you log back in as username tag is only removed if table set.
What would I change the constraint to to say if any entity is set?

I mean can you show your rules?

Am away from desk atm so screenshots are tricky but just about managed it via rdp lol

Either need to ament the overwrite with “” username setting to be tables or customer
OR change to any entity is not “”
Not sure how to proceed.

Yes, you can use and/or conditions…

'{ENTITY NAME:Tables}'=='' || '{ENTITY NAME:Customers}'!='' && [=1+2]>=3
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Thanks @QMcKay
Just to confirm then || would be OR and && for AND.

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Correct. And you can use brackets if you need to specify order of operation…

('{ENTITY NAME:Tables}'=='') || ('{ENTITY NAME:Customers}'!='' && [=1+2]>=3)