Android App when you select item does not show


I have just brought and set up the android app on a tablet. When I press a item button, it doesnt show the item on any list below or allow me to close the ticket. I cannot do anything, but force close the app and restart to same effect.

Also I presume misc item will not work on the app?


As on normal samba a ticket can not be closed without an entity, have you setup tables/customer entity for app?

I have the entity setup correctly as it first asks for the table number as per main samba, when it goes into menu, I see the correct menu but when I press a item nothing happens. Than I have to close the app to restart the app. I cannot order any items for a table and send them to the kitchen etc.


Obvious question… but…

Has the workperiod been opened?


Yes work period is open.

Just on app when you press the menu items nothing happens. On the demo, when a item is pressed it lists below on the right side.

Not sure what the problem is.