Android client - Auto select

OK , so I cant find any documentation on the Android client settings and preferences…

However the Autoselect setting on the Android client seems to work and automatically display the order tags PROVIDED the minimum order tags is 1 or above - it took trial and error to discover this !!

On the desktop client if auto select is ticked on the menu then portions automatically display, why doesn’t this happen on the Android client ?? or is there another setting I am missing ?

Android client is a different client. It’s behavior is different than the main client.

from my tests it doesn’t listen to autoselect at all, it only does similar action where a tag is required.

There doesn’t seem a lot of point in having the auto select option :thinking::grin:
In wondering if I made the right choice…
A bit more documentation would have been useful !!

Well there is for normal full samba. Just doesn’t effect android app. I would agree it would be better if it did but doesnt make auto select useless. Use it allot on our systems.

There is also a full demo you can use it and test it before you buy.

Yeah crossed wires, i agree it works fine for normal full samba, i use it too, i was referring to the preferences setting on the Android client which doesn’t work !