Android Client Bug: Order tags missing

Good morning all
Please note that with the android client, when we add products to the ticket, and select order tags, it displays on the android tablet screen, but the order tags don’t print on the kitchen ticket.

When you place the same order with the same tags again, it prints fine. This causes a lot of hold-up in my kitchen as we use order tags very regularly.

What I did notice, is that it mostly happens with tickets where there are more than one of the same product, each with different product tags, the topmost one will have order tags printing, but the next product will have it missing.

Hope this makes sense?

First of all if you add 1 item and select order tags and everything fine. Is that correct ?

Yes, that is correct. Then, if I select same product with its own order tags, they don’t print

Ok can you send me a DB backup and give me the product for testing in our side

I am in the middle of a very busy day, I shall make backup and send afternoon…

ok thanks for reporting

Hi @VehbiEmiroglu, was experiencing the same. Would you like me to send you our db?

You are a reseller. So you can directly ask this to us. Please send us an email.

Any update on this @VehbiEmiroglu?

This is becoming an urgent issue for our venues

Yes we are working on a new version. In a short time you will get.