Android Client Licence Question

hellow i will like to know some info about the mobile android client, for 75 dollars i will get one licence for ONE android client? or i can sign in with multiple android clients with that lmobile licence?

I beleive the android app licence will be per client. The app is still in beta I beleive though.

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Mmmm where can i find and official response about this topic

It is one license per client. You can find more info here

However they are still testing it. I think deployment is mostly local to them in Turkey and surrounding areas.

thank very much for the answer but…where does it says that is a licence per android device?

It’s been explained to us in beta team that it would be and if you read those pages it’s not hard to figure out that it’s designed to be single license per device it even mentions resetting license to change devices.

This quote from the wiki pretty much explains it.

NOTE: If you have to change your android device and want to use the license for a new device, you should reset your password from customer portal

With one license per client you mean one license per tablet? And has the version gotten any better? Thanks

One per tablet yes in that case client was tablet. What do you mean by any better? Vs the version from 2 years ago then yes of course it’s improved. Remember it’s not meant to be a full client it’s an order taking device.

Licence is per device but we count running clients. You can install n count device but you can use licence count device live. Others give licence error when they want to to open app or open ticket.