[ANN] Thank you for supporting SambaPOS

SambaPOS project elected as one of the most successful startups in Turkey


Thank you again for helping us for our presentation. Here are some photos from the event.


Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Nice shirt Emre
Congratulation you deserve it


This is my lucky shirt for years but it seems I can’t fit in anymore :frowning:

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Congrats!!!. Best POS system. You deserve it.

let me know wht happend with the video,Mayra (the girl who speak in) she want to know

Congratulations from Italy and next from Caribbean. Best POS on the market in my opinion-


@juancho23 let me thank once more to Mayra for the lovely performance :slight_smile: We made three presentations and showed videos at the very end of the presentation. Each time crowd started cheer and applause. SambaPOS presentation was one of the best presentations of the whole event. A lot of people asked us how we shoot these videos and I said “we have a great community” … Thank you!