Another payment type such as cheque

Dear samba,is it the same like clone credit card payment? is it need to write option when press payment? like name maybe? thx,oh yes at sambapos3…

You’ll create a cheque account under payment accounts, create (or clone) a payment type, set cheque account and map it like other payment types mapped.

Go to Manage->Accounts->Accounts, clone Credit Card and rename to Cheque.

Go to Manage->Tickets->Payment Types, clone Credit Card and rename to Cheque and select Cheque for the Account. Don’t forget to Sort your Payment List into the correct display order as needed.

Logout and back on. Now Visa will show under Manage->Accounts.

Is it the same like (Jun 30, 2013)JohnSCS post, Emre? Thank you Emre

Oh yes Emre,in the lastest sambapos3 is there any module? Because i didnt see any such example Create Action Last SaleAction Update Application Subtitle… using sambapos 3035beta thank you again