Another way to use Update Aplication Subtitle instead of ask question

I originally had my open drawer button display a full screen ask question informing cashier to close the drawer, then press the OK button to continue back to POS. In the below example i show another way but by using the update application subtitle action combine with change menu and custom buttons

here is my main POS screen

Press the open drawer button and the cash drawer opens and the POs screen changes to the image below

Close the cash drawer and press the OK button which returns you to the POS screen


Lol that OK is very small I think its getting bullied by the Close Cash Drawer You might want to send Close Cash Drawer to anger management. Close Cash Drawer is obviously making OK feel small.

PS That is awesome concept.

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Haha i know iwas just playing about with it and not fully formatted it yet

It can be used for loads if things such as when assigning customers to give discount or use in a gym where you use membership card to sign in, when the card is swiped it could display the customers picture in the ticket header with a button to accept or reject if image doesnt match

Im thinking about re-designing some of my actions from the full screen display message to using the ticket header instead, ive not decided yet i keep trying new things and dont decide in what to use lol

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