[Answered] Does the loyalty system offer a points system?

Does (or can) the loyalty card (i.e. SambaCard) offer a points system (1 point per £1 spent) based on customer purchases?

Also, can customers be assigned digital bar-codes rather than physical swipe cards, to ease expenditure on our part?

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I know you can set products to be worth a number of points and do it that way, the points can be added up in a custom entity field.
Tried to find a link @emre sent me but cant find it for the life of me.


You can, haven’t done myself but seen bar-codes used for user login and customer id, barcode readers outputting as keyboard into numberpad you would setup to look for sequence entered, so you would have a ‘customer prefix’ on the barcode number to identify that the following numbers are a customer id. Rules etc to handle the input.
Again struggling to find a link right now as away from desk
EDIT: Found something similar - is ticket number barcodes but will get you going in right direction

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you can add a custom field such as Customer Number to the customer entity setup, then you can give them whatever number you like and create a barcode using that number (i use a free online barcode creator, just google it, its simple just enter the number you want as a barcode hit create and it will display the barcode, simply copy and paste and print out.

setup some actions and rules using number pad entered and you can automatically assign a customer to a ticket when you scan the barcode, this is what i have done. also i have given my customers another field called discount 10, if i flag this as Y and use some more actions and rules when i scan the customers barcode if their discount 10 flag is set to Y it will add them to the ticket and automatically deduct 10% from the ticket total

Great, thanks, i’ll look into all this :smiley: