Сan't Close a Ticket

Please help. Sorry for my English. When I try to pay a ticket, thePC freezes and then show me a communication error with the database. It happens only with one ticket. Other tickets works. How I can fix it? Void doesn’t works.

Before I speculate, please look in the log file and see if there is an error logged. If so, kindly post it here. The log file is located in "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\SambaPOS5\log.txt"

It is not likely that a single ticket is causing this issue unless the connection is timing out because of the size of the ticker, but I don’t think so.

The error message is saying exactly what’s going on. If you’re on wifi, I would check signal strength and any interference from other access points. It is also recommended that your business devices be on their own access point and, if possible, their own subnet/vlan.

If the terminals are wired on Ethernet, inspect where the cables are run and make sure they do not run along any power cables as the power cables can cause interference.

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