Anyone able to help me regards SambaMarket and lack of email?

Steve isnt getting the emails, and he has to go away… his server crashed and its asking to login with activation pop ups.

Can someone change the account email to mine please, he is currently trading and has done over 500 tx since original install.




username is: TheSquare

@tayfun can you help Matt?


forgot to add, he forgot his password. We were trying to reset the password remotely

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Hi Matt,

Licenses are registered by email. You can reset password and activate SambaPOS again by username.

Link is below to reset password:

As far as i could understand he doesn’t have access to the registration email address.

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correct, looks like were gonna have to change it temporarily? Understand if this isnt possible due to security…


morning, were getting lots of popups on all 3 tills… steve is back but saying he isnt getting a password reset email?


found it in his spam

sorted, thanks

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