Anyone else experiencing SQL Server Performance issue with 4.1.41?

A performance issue reported after upgrading to 4.1.41. Did you tried 4.1.41 and notice any difference?

4.1.41 does seem slower them previous versions. I have it install on new Dell computers.

In previous versions, menu was loading in about 1 second.

4.1.41 takes up to 3 seconds to load menus.

It seems to lag a bit more compared to previous versions.

@na1978 sometimes it may take a while to load menu when you create your first ticket and add first line. After that it should work fine. Does it takes 3 seconds every time you open a ticket?

It took that time in the first tickets, now its working fine… seems to me that for some reason SQL was busy doing something…

will test tomorrow, today was kind of a slow day…



Mine is a new install, so I do not have a lot of tickets. We are going live sometimes next month. I will test further and let you know.

what i felt is when we go back to main menu it will take bit while,
recently I have imported 5100+ products using bulk importer
I hope it might be the problem, am using only 2 gb ram, gona upgrade the RAM soon.

Sometimes windows executes some maintenance services and that may cause slowness. When that happens you can check task manager to see if there is a constant CPU usage. That generally disappears after few minutes or after windows gets restarted.

Other than such issues please let me know if anyone notices a significant difference with prior versions.