Api Sms Help (V5)

Hello there

I can not assign a customer sms to V5 version.
I have studied all the subjects.

sms api user name password correct

printer template
printing task

automation command

I made it all wrong where I made it wrong.

I share pictures


When are you executing the command?


I would suggest adding a pop-up or show message action with your variable expressions in message to test all values are correct and returning expected values at the events your triggering on.

can we get some more detailed information

We? More info? What you want to know.

Your URL format looks wrong. How did you test to know it works?

Also what’s this;


Looks like a print template but not sure that’s formatted right if it is…

Where is it getting the @xxxx@ variables from?



Sms Api : http://www.toplusmsapi.com/?ref=iletimerkezicom#apidoc

Sure the template needs to be variable per line… As it stands what distinguishes where a variable starts and ends?

What are you trying to show?
I suggested new line per variable as that is what y
The screenshots you linked to looked to be so you add @ in front and high light one…

As said before, first thing I’d do is make a show message action and put that in that rule with the expressions your trying to use and make sure they are returning expected values.

more information needed

How will I do.
Can you help?

There’s no problem using pop-ups.
the trigger works correctly

You say more information needed but then say popups/trigger works, so do you know what I suggesting or not?? Show your popup.


Merhaba Sms konusunda bana yardımcı olur musunuz.
Bununla ilgili tutorial yok malesef.
Şimdiden teşekkürler…

Burada söylendiği gibi şablonu her satıra bir değişken gelecek şekilde düzeltmeyi denediniz mi?

mesaj=blah blah


Sorun nedir, SMS ile ilgili dökümanlar mevcut ama. Ayrıca Emre’nin en son yazdığını test ettin mi?

Merhabalar her yolu denedim.
Kullanıcı adı şifre doğru ama bir şeyler yanlış gidiyor.


konu hakkında desteğinize ihtiyaçım var


Konu hakkında sizden destek bekliyorum…


Could you help me with the subject?