Application stuck at loading screen. Urgent fix needed

Hello, I’m unable to start the application. It’s showing loading screen and nothing happens. Please help me fix this issues ASAP. Thank you.

Did you check your own previous topic about the same problem and the resulting fix first?

This is not about the same issue. Application is starting and is on loading screen. Nothing happens after.

There should be an error message popup, it won’t just stay loading forever.

What have you changed or what has happened prior to this happening?

Typically that means it can’t connect to or find the database

I did not change any setting. There was a power failure during application loading previously. It doesn’t show anything else accept the loading screen.

Power failure is good indication a database error possibly corrupted

So what’s the fix for such a thing. I’m nervous.

Are you using SQL Express?

I’m using SQL Server Express.

So first check that it is running. Then use mssms to connect to it and run some tests or try to recover it.

How do I do that. I’m not familiar. Can you elaborate please.

Can’t do anything. Can you please help?

SQL Database is running. I checked it from services.

If the database is corrupted can I restore from a backup file I’ve earlier?

You can.

Also its probably not stuck on loading, the error popup is usually “behind” the SambaPOS screen, when its stuck like that try ALT+TAB to scroll trough possible error popup.

You can restore a database using SQL Express Management Studio.

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Alt+Tab says log file saved. So how do I proceed from there?

Its showing the error popup? This is as said before usually a database connection error, close samba and open SQL Server Confguration manager and make sure database engine is running, if not, start it and restart Samba…

If it is running then you have an error in connection, maybe you wrote it wrong, or IP address changed?

I don’t know if anything has changed. How do I fix it and connect to database correctly? Database is running when I checked from services and configuration manager.

If you don’t know we definitely don’t know… try making a screenshot of the error when you open samba and send it here.

This way we can try and see whats up, even better if you go to SambaPOS folder in documents and copy the log file.