Application subtitle size changes

@emre ive noticed that the application subtitle area seems to change size between no ticket created and ticket created. I tried using the same settings in the action and the area changes size as shown below, could you amend so that when ticket is closed the area is still filled across the whole width of the ticket

Ticket Created - The application subtitle area fills across the whole width of the ticket

No Ticket Created - the area gets smaller

Isn’t because of your text size different?

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Nope the text size doesnt affect it, if i use the identical settings to the one that fills across the result is the same.

It is hard to determine from screen shots. Can you show in detail how do you update both titles?

i have copied over the exact same formatting in my two rules, the inly thing i changed was the wording that appears

This rule is for when an order is added to the ticket, the header display the balance to pay and the number of items on the order

<L><font Calibri><block 0,0,0,0 #FF4BACC6 center 600><size 70>Total: £[=F(TN('{TICKET TOTAL}')-TN('{PAYMENT TOTAL}'),'0.00')]</size></block> <br/> <block 0,0,0,0 #FF4BACC6 center 600><size 35>Number of Items: [=TN('{TICKET QUANTITY SUM}')]</size></block></font>

This displays the following, a perfectly aligned blue ticket header

My second rule is for when the ticket is closed the ticket header updates to say “New Sale, Scan Product”

Using exactly the same formatting (i copied it from the other rule into this rule and just changed the wording)

<L><font Calibri><block 0,0,0,0 #FF4BACC6 center 600><size 70>New Sale</size></block> <br/> <block 0,0,0,0 #FF4BACC6 center 600><size 35>Scan Product</size></block></font>

This then makes the ticket header look like this, so it looks like there is an issue when ticket is closed the formatting isnt displaying correctly

You didn’t added the action but from how you use parameters I can assume you’re not setting a background color through subtitle action right? I think setting a background color will solve that.

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ah right, no i was setting background colour through the formatting tags, ill try background colour now :slight_smile:

spot on, that was the issue :slight_smile: in one action i had set the background and in the other i hadnt, rookie error!! thanks for spotting it :slight_smile:

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