Apply Tax to closed Tickets

My tax template stopped working a coulpe of days ago and it was never noticed until now.

The tax template was mapped correctly but it was not applying to tickets.

I deleted the mapping and added it again and its working now.

The problem is the last 3 days have no tax applied to them whatsoever. Is there an sql query or something I can run to update the tax on all tickets?

It is a single tax of 23% across all products.

I’m curious how it could be possible. Do you have a backup that contains that non-working map?

Thank you very much for the backup. Somehow mapping worked like mapped to an non existed product but I fixed it so it won’t happen again.

So for the closed tickets I’m wondering how it should be fixed as applying tax will probably change ticket amount and related payments.

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All prices are including tax so totals or payment amounts will not change.

I added rebuilding taxes for tax included tickets for next update. On next 5.1.61 refresh create a backup and execute Program Settings > Maintenance > Rebuild Tax Transactions command and let me know if it fixes the issue or not.


it is possible to achieve this? by misstake i was aplying the tax template wrong from the last month i need to re build those closed tickets

There is a maintenance task that should solve your problems. Be sure you have latest version 5.2.23 and go to settings > program settings > Maintenance

But you can see that in the response emre gave above. So why have you not tried it?

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