Applying discount leads to item price change problem

Kindly advice, when I apply a discount with 25 it changes the value of the item in the top of the reaceit , which is completely wrong

and I also, want to know how to cancel the Discount please

It’s not really changing item price. That is just visual. When ticket prints item price will be normal. That is only for that screen as a visual reference.

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It’s for if you split the payment by selecting items. The discount is spread accross items so if two people split bill and you select their items it’s splits the discount on tendered total.
You should just be able to press the discount button again to remove/change to 0.

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It’s purely visual though. It’s not really changing item price.

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when i press it again , it doesnt remove it . stay as it is.

Thank you so much I will try to print it and check if it reflects on the item price in receit or not

It doesn’t, the list on payment screen is there for part payments only, it doesn’t effect the actual price or print.
You can select items and as you do the total tender is updated for sum of selected items.
Discount is applied accross all products evenly since there isn’t direct link between calculation and specific products.

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Did you tick the toggle calculation option?

no , I didnt . I just added the calculation type and calculation sector
I am sorry but I dont know how to do the rest , or how to revers the function :frowning_face:

Toggle is an option on the calculation, tickbox at bottom…

In your Calculation Type there is an option for Toggle Calculation be sure and select that option. Then in your Calculation Selector be sure and define a header name finally when you add the calculation using the button you can press it again to take it off.

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