Artech AD101 USB CID Won't work in SambaPOS

The Artech AD101 is a popular CID It is a usb CID unit and comes with full software for developers and installation.

I have installed the CID from SambaPOS marketplace and selected generic modem however why when it is USB? Anyway it won’t work! Should I use the artech user software to point to somewhere? I have an image of the Artech Parameters widget and link to the software but new users cannot upload them.

Many thanks

Hello Earthboy. I’ve downloaded Artech AD101’s SDK and unfortunately it does not support serial communication interface.

For programmers I’ll release information about how to integrate devices that works with non-generic drivers. If you are interested please subscribe to Partnership newsletter to receive updates.

I think you must put some initialization string in the setting like " AT+ … or AT#… sometime also need country code"

It won’t work. This device is not a modem and does not support serial communication. It has it’s own driver library (software) for external communication.

As the Artech writes to a file in a given location would it be possible to have say a file monitored for changes such as when a call comes in and writes to it then perhaps any change displayed as incoming call? I don’t know, just waffling!

Thanks Emre for your prompt response.