Ask a Question for End WorkPeriod, and abort Ending if Answer is No

I want to be able to abort a WorkPeriod End if the use answers No to a Question.

So I set up the following, but it doesn’t seem to abort the WP End…

Ask Question Action:

Action to perform if user answers “No” (displays a custom Entity screen for Payouts):

Rule to capture event for Before WP Ends, to fire Action to Ask Question:

Rule to capture Automation Command from Ask Question and Display Entity Screen:

Here is the problem:
When try to end WorkPeriod, the Question is asked, and I click No for an answer, but the Entity screen is not shown, and the WP ends anyway.

Is there something else I can try to get my desired behavior?

I think a Close Work Period action would help you do this. I would love to have this action myself. Personally anyway I can do things without using the Main Menu I prefer :stuck_out_tongue: I would not use Main Menu at all for closing work periods, Browsing tickets, Viewing Accounting… heck the only thing I really would want in a Main Menu is stricly the settings and maybe market type stuff.


I completely agree - I would like to avoid using Main Menu myself. This is one of the reasons I asked for actions to Display Account Screen and Display Entity Screen (which we can do in a roundabout way via Automation Command anyway, so it’s moot)

I have not found a way to view account screen yet. Have you?

EDIT: Sorry for off topic.

No, I haven’t found a way for Accounts. The trick for Display Entity screen works well (Change Ticket Entity Action), and I asked if there was a similar trick to bring up an Account Screen, but no luck so far.

So we need to start, stop work periods, and navigate through modules via actions?


Any recent updates that support this scenario @emre? I need to be able to abort WorkPeriod End if conditions are not met.

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