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I am trying to create a custom confirmation message for a Payment Processor, however it appears the custom confirmation message only accepts text and I cannot use any tags for the Payment Amount or Payment Type:

The default message is:

So I have tried:


but none of them get parsed.

If this isn’t possible right now, please take this as a feature request! :slight_smile:

How about trying the [: ] tags from the payment processed rule options?

Script it …

EDIT: one variable missing from that Tutorial is the Payment Amount, which you can get using this…

var tendered = Data.Get("tenderedAmount");

Be aware that the Data.Get("varName") uses variable names that are case-sensitive. So this does not work, for example:

var tendered = Data.Get("TenderedAmount");

Here are a few that I am aware of that you can use with Data.Get …


Data.Set("description", paymentinfo); // sets the Payment Description aka {DESCRIPTION}

Data.Set("canContinue",false); // this stops the Payment Processor
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Seems a bit overkill for a simple message. Would be good if it just supports tags / placeholders like some of the other payment processors do (e.g. Add Calculation supports $0 for the amount)


This is a little complex as Printer Template Tags works for “submitted payments” and there is no payment at that moment.

Why do you want to display due amount there? Displaying two amounts in a single message will be harder to read. I think default confirmation message will be enough.

PS: Translation for default message will work fine on next update.

No I just wanted to replicate the default one. It had the amount and the payment type.

That’s fine, that was my only reason for customising it.

Hi, @markjw did you find a solution.
I want to display the customer name. Instead of “Accounts Payment?”