Ask Question is not available

I want to ask a question if the Ticket is printed or not just after Payment. I have created all necessary Action and Rues. BUT i need to create an Action with “Action Type”: Ask Question,

Ask Question Option is not available in the list. I cannot choose. What am i doing wrong?


  1. Action Execute Print JOb is Created.

  2. Automation Command is created

  3. Action:
    Under Action Type “Ask Question” is not available.

the action should be there when you try and add it - I don’t see why it wouldn’t be there


Are you wanting to verify the ticket printed after payment?
Are you wanting to ask if a ticket should be printed after payment?

I want to ask Printing question just afer payment, it doesnt matter it is paid with card or Cash. Need to see this question just before turning back on sale screen for new ticket.

Is not a complicated setup,
Ask question on payment processed which triggers print bill command.
You likely want to duplicate print bill command rule with different command name so you can also have a command value equals yes constraint so that it only prints if yes pressed as command name will be triggered by any button press then you filter on command value from ask question.

You are using sambapos v5 right?

Yes, Version 5.
Instead of this Question mabye it is possible to add a button in Payment Screen or Sale Screen “Print Last Ticket” ?

There are simple tutorials for print last bill.
I had a tutorial video on forum for a show change ask question which also went on to show change and offer print receipt.
Just search the forum for print last bill, it’s a 5 minute job to setup.

Ask question is there. Look again.