Ask Qustion when ticket Opens

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a ticket screen for takeaway orders. Basically what i want is for the first thing a user sees is a question that asks them whether is it a delivery, pickup or takeaway, before then giving the user the option to start selecting items.

I’ve created an ask question action and tied it using a rule to the “create ticket” or “open ticket” action. Neither works.
What i get is the question popping up once the first item is selected. I’m guessing this is when the ticket is actually created.

Is there a way around this ?

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what did you do.
Do you share the screenshot?

This is tricky as like you say ticket is not created until first item is selected. And shifting to login wont work either as this will prevent you opening tickets held on entities asmost likly the ticket tag or whatever happens based on the ask question will create a ticket if not there which will then mean you will be selecting ntity for that ticket rather than ‘opening’ the selected entity.
This is on the presumption you have create ticket as creation method, if select entity is default it may be more workable.
Need to see more info to make best reconmendation.

Thanks @JTRTech. Yes it is create ticket.

Maybe I just need to create a single entity screen that has ‘new ticket’ on it and then let them press that to start the process.

It’s not ideal but if that’s he only way then I can live with it.

If you can think of a better way, I’d love to hear it. :grin:

As always, appreciate your help.

Ok, might be an easier way but in theory you could put the ask question on login then have it save the value to local program settings ready for a ticket created rule to silently pick it up and apply when first order added.
However this would leave the popup showing everytime you login… again without knowing you business type and use flow its hard to make a good reconmendation. You could have extra option of open existing ticket which takes you straight to the entity screen from the ask question i guess, then it would be the same amount of button presses just a slightly different flow over pressing the entity button on the left.

Use the Ticket Created Event/Rule and put an Ask Question Action in that Rule.

Yep that’s what I’ve done, but I had to create an entity screen to create a new order in order to get the question to come up first.