Asking license active from my Windows tablet

Hi All,

I have activate SAMBAPOS v5 on my laptop and using database SQL Server 2014, and i also install SAMBAPOS v5 on my Windows Tablet and connect database SQL from my laptop all working good but on my tablet still asking for activate as screen below

How can i solve this issue please

It just sometimes happens. You will probably find if you close and reopen SambaPOS on the laptop you will get Unregistered Trial there as well now. Try this:

Also once activated again, it’s best not to keep the Samba Market account logged in, so make sure you logoff as described in step 1. Keep it like that then it won’t ever try to check the activation again (which is usually where issues arise).

Hi Markjw,

Thank you, will try and let you know

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it’s working now, thank you

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