Asking pro licence activation


I have an issue, I installed Sambapos5 about 6 months ago on a computer without internet. Last week I got a message asking to activate my licence (which was already done 6 months ago when I installed sampapos). I had problem because the activation button was disable. Thanks to this forum who helped me to fix this issue by clearing the key on sambamarket website.

My problem now is that not even a week after I activated it, I got the same problem this morning. I was asked to activate the licence again and the button activate was disable. I know how to solve the problem now but why is the licence getting deactivated again? This computer remain disconnected from internet (except while I activate the licence), so I really don’t understand what is wrong.

Thanks for your help

This is a known 5.1.60 auto backup issue. If you enabled auto backups and shutdown SambaPOS before backup finishes licenses may clear. It solved on 5.1.61. You can try backing up to a faster location. Or for temporary fix you can disable auto backups and backup manually until .61 releases.

Alternatively I can invite you to beta group so you can test if .61 solves your issue or not.


I deactivate auto backup and will see if it is good.

Thanks a lot