Assign Specific Tables to Each Waiter Or Role


I have about 70 Tables.
Divided into Sections FOr Ex:
-----Section 1 - 10 Tables,
-----Section 2 - 20 Tables,
-----Section 3 - 15 Tables, and so on

How can i assign Waiter or Any Role to its section only ?

For Ex Waiter 1 is assigned to Section 1,
So when he logs in he can see only Section 1 Tables.

And Similarly Others Waiters to Other Sections.

Appreciate Your Help

I don’t have V4 install now.
Can you show screenshot of Entities->Entity Screens->Mapping?

Are waiters always work the same section?

I think if you have terminals designate for each section, it would be easy. There is Terminal mapping for entity screen.

PS: You have big restaurant 70 tables. You can afford to upgrade to V5 :smiling_imp:


You can map users to specific entity screen.

Create 3 entity screens. Name them section 1,2 etc… and custom layout in each screen.

Under each entity screen go to mappings and you can specify individual users to each screen. This way sect 1 user will only see sect 1 etc…

Then main menu>pos>sect 1 button. Right click click dev mode. Right click agaim and add widget table layout or add individual button. Bottom right save.

Do this for each screen in administrator user abd then logout and test each user

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Are waiters working on same section ?
Yes, Mostly but not always, so need to define few roles, which will determine sections. So i can assign waiter to those sections resp to display tables.

Thanks I will try this and let you know.

Can i assign multiple sections to some waiters ?

Yes you can under entity screen mappings for each section.
So entity screen sect 1 and sect 1 mapping you can add a new mapping and specify a user.

Then when that user login he will see multiple sections