Assign Waiter to Ticket

Showing a concept I am currently working on. Looking for input or ideas. It has came up in discussion many times how we can assign waiters to tickets and then change waiters. Here is just a quick little something I came up with let me know what you think.

PS Ignore the double Change Waiter button I am testing two things and methods at same time.

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I am now working on a way to use the new Load Entity system as method of starting a ticket for a customer… the flow I see in my head is… waiter comes up to POS terminal. Waiter enters their ID it loads Their Entity and takes them to Table Select screen… they select the table it then loads POS with Waiter and Table Entity Assigned.

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Did you het this working? Id like to have cashier login and automatically add them as an entity. This would then allow the switch user setup to work perfect as a staff entity would already be assigned to the ticket and i can simply press the switch user button to close and logout so another cashier can process a transaction, then when the original user logs in their last ticket opens so it can be paid etc

Yes I did. It may not be how you envision it. But yes its working maybe ill get sons time to share it soon.