Auto Command with Admin PIN from Ask Question

Normally when pressing an auto command button that has PIN enabled you get the popup box to enter an admin pin before it auto command fires the rule

Does this not work when assigning the auto command to an ask question button? I assumed the same would work and when the ask question button is pressed that is link to an auto command with admin pin enabled that it would prompt for the PIN but it doesnt

No because your not using the button.

Is there no way around it so we can create admin pin requirements on ask question buttons? or will this be a script job?

You can do it if you automate it yourself. That option is for the button. Defining automation command is only so you can use a button somewhere. As you know it is not required, you can define commands within rules similar to states exactly like you just described. Those do not follow the same settings as the buttons do.

You have access to Numberpad value and you can use [?prompt] and various other methods.

I have this using my custom admin pin prompt automation.
Also means you can log the actual user who confirmed admin pin rather than logged in user.


I looked quickly at yours, wanted to double check there wasn’t a simpler way that I missed

I’m going to have a look at your tutorial and see if I can get it working :grinning:

If you use the multi command value json I did you can use a single admin pin rule that all uses pass through adding pin check and data in with the origiknal command value.

yea so if i just copy your tutorial and script above all should work yea :blush:

not above sorry, I meant from your tutorial

In use at hotels so should do lol

This works perfect and the security of logging who actually put in the admin pin is better than logging the current user.

Works perfect!! I had to make a slight change because I’m using an ask question it doesn’t link to the actual automation command so to make it work using an ask question I had to hard code the auto command name in the rule

I also added a warning message when the pin entered was false


I’ve been helping Dave (snowey26) setup a new system for his club so this is a screenshot from that system I’ve been working on for him

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