Auto delete customer after cash out?

Use ticket tags that how i have it set up. I also then have ticket tag for the tab limit with a warning message if you try to add orders more than the limit
You can update tbe tab name and update the tab limit all done through ticket tags

See my tutorial

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Thanks for the help but… I just found out there is no cash out function. I just spent 9 hours today setting this up and learning how to work it, just to find out I can’t use it. lol. It looks great, but I need a fully functioning POS system. :frowning:

There is if you want it to be there. Sambapos lets you customize it how you need. So if you need a cash out then build one. But simply saying there is no cash out is vague and doesn’t help us help you. Sambapos is the best fully function feature rich pos out today.

What does this even mean? Do you mean Settle?

Are you being sarcastic here?

Using Ticket Tags will allow you to close the Ticket without Settling it. You can bring up the Ticket again and add more to it, or Settle it at that time.

You should not be using Customer Entities for Tabs if your customers are ever-changing. Use something else, like a “Tab” entity or a “Table” entity.

Then use a Custom Entity screen with the “Tab” entities, or use a Ticket Lister Widget so you can see Ticket Tags, Notes, Entities and other info on each Ticket.

Another possibility is the Ticket List (not Ticket Lister Widget). It automatically shows all Entities, Notes and Ticket Tags. …

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Well, I read your thing about ticket tags and people kept asking how you did it, then you said you would eventually post how you did it, but then it seems as if you never did?

Anyway, I mean a POS system like an Aldelo. Where I can have say a bartender start a shift, ring in and pay tabs and then at the end of the shift, settle the drawer, count the money in the drawer and see if they are short. I read another thread where some people said this did not have this function, but some people seemed to have written code into the software to have that option. But I am not at a level where I can write my own POS software.

This looks very nice and I am sure very fun… But I wouldn’t have the ability to get it to do all of the things I would need. (it seems). Admittedly it is kind of hard to tell what it can and can not do and I have manged to get it working to 90% of what I need and that is GREAT for the price :). But if there is no option to settle the register out at the end of shifts, I just can’t use it. :frowning: It is WAY better than any of the other open source POS I tried the past few days.

There is. however SambaPOS is different in the fact that it allows you to customize it for your needs. If you just want to turn on options and turn off preconfigured options then perhaps this is not for you. However SambaPOS does not require any coding skills to configure it, it does require you to spend some time to get to know it since its vastly different than most other cookie cutter offerings.

Everything you have talked about is possible in SambaPOS and many people have done it and most of their configurations have been shared in this forum.

@rickh and @QMcKay has built a very nice cash out system in v5.

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Yes… That is the EXACT thread I read. :slight_smile: It looks amazing, however there is no mention on how to do it. And when somebody asks how it is done, the reply is “Theres nothing built in other than using the account screens”

So while there are screen shots where somebody seems to have exactly what I need, it is followed by somebody saying that there is no way to do it using the built in features. So I assumed that meant there was no way to do it using the built in features. If there is, I would LOVE it. :slight_smile:

All of them were built using built in features. What they mean is you cant just turn it on… it was all customized using various tools SambaPOS provides. None of it was coded. You would need to study how to use Editor Widgets, Custom Entity Screens, Actions, Rules, Scripts all of that is built into SambaPOS you just need to study it and use it to build what you need.

Both of those setups were built using a custom entity screen as the main screen then they used Editor Widgets, Label Widgets, Report Widgets, Custom Reports, various actions to support it and rules to execute what they wanted done.

All of it is done with 100% built in features of SambaPOS they are very advanced setups using Built in SambaPOS features.

You could also get to the point where you can build this stuff its not hard once you understand the features and how they work. It is advanced and complex but doesnt mean its hard.

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Hmmm… I am not trying to sound ungrateful. Honestly. I appreciate the work here. But I can’t really spend the time “studying” how to set up the settle option. As nobody says how they got it, it would seem I would just have to hunt and click on every feature and hope I stumble on it. It is encouraging that you say it CAN be done, even though on the thread they said it could not… It even ends with somebody saying they can’t wait for that feature. So my assumption is understandable. :slight_smile:

Well then so maybe SambaPOS is not for you. SambaPOS requires you to study how it works to learn its features and how to customize it. There are plenty of companies that will sell you POS software and sell you support to build it for you.

I dont recall reading anyone saying it can not be done??? Obviously it can because they did.[quote=“tommymsw, post:12, topic:9856”]
it would seem I would just have to hunt and click on every feature and hope I stumble on it.

There is a ton of examples and great information showing you what features do and how to use them on this forum. You really wouldn’t have to hunt and peck that much.

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Hi Rick,

Is there anything we can use in the mean time for Daily Auditing/Reconciling purposes?


Hi Ray

Theres nothing built in other than using the account screens. When v5
is released ill post the setup of my cashup screen so you can adapt it
to your needs

What I took from that is that there is nothing built into the system other than using the account screens, and they he would post the setup when version 5 comes out. Maybe I am reading it wrong?

Well if your talking about v4 then yes you wont be able to do this. With v5 you can.Everything he did was with v5. I just realized your post is for v4… so sorry no you cant do much with v4 in this regard.

oh… ok. Well, I think I did post this in the version 4 area. So this is a feature that version 4 does NOT have, but that I could do in version 5 by just selection some options? I don’t have a problem paying for version 5 (it is not free right?). But I just wanted to make sure it met my needs first.

No you cant just select some options. SambaPOS is not built that way its purposely opposite of that. SambaPOS lets you configure it to your exact needs so it requires little more understanding of its features to build what you need.

Its really not that hard but yes it does require you to understand how to use its features to build and customize it how you need.

Not everyone wants a cash out screen. the ones that do may not all want it to work the same or look the same. SambaPOS allows that. Most other POS systems do not, they offer predefined options and nothing more if you need more they typically charge you for it or they say sorry we do not support that.

SambaPOS is different because it can do all those custom things that most POS companies cant as a result it does require you to spend some time to learn how it works specifically how Rules, Actions, Commands, Screens, Widgets work.

Now I am just getting further and further confused. So far it was quite easy to set the things up I needed. The simple things were fairly simple to set up, once I read how. I would imagine that one of the most important features of ANY POS software would be a way to settle the drawer. So I did not expect that feature would be considered a “custom” feature that would require a bit of study to figure out how to enable it. I really only need a basic restaurant POS system with all the basic features. It sounds as how you explain it that it should take me many hours of trial and error to figure out how to get some of those features going. I’ve already been on this thing for over 11 hours straight toady! lol I have used commercial POS software before and although they are woefully expensive, they had all of the basic features ready. Then you could customize if you needed any advanced features. This seemed to be REALLY close and the price was MUCH nicer. But I do need something that requires a little less time and effort. Ungh… even if I have to pay more. :frowning:

I dont know what else to say. I cant convince you either way but SambaPOS is very powerful and can do anything you need it to do. IT really only took me a couple months to get a good grasp of it most of what I needed to run my restaurant were available out of box. I did cashups manually for a while which was just fine and most people do it that way.

SambaPOS is here and can offer you more custom options than the competitors but if you dont have the time or desire to learn it then I can understand that and you do have options with buying other software that might meet your needs faster.

If you do somehow find the time I think you would love SambaPOS if you could spend some time to learn its features. SambaPOS will never be like the other offerings because its purposely built different. I love it because it is the ONLY one that lets me customize it exactly how I want for my business. Not a single option out there did that not even the 1000 dollar a month ones.

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I am sure it IS more customizable. But like I said, I really only need the basic functions of a POS system.

From reading the posts and the conversation here, I am being told “Yes, it can be done, here is an example of one person figuring it out. But, he can’t (and doesn’t) tell you how he did it, and there are no instructions on how to do it, but if you want to try by using some combination of Rules, Actions, Commands, Screens, and Widgets , maybe you can figure out how he did it. But nobody will explain how he did it and there are no instructions for it”.

And my head is spinning. lol

You just need to spend some time learning its features. SambaPOS can run a restaurant just fine with default setup and minimal customization. Cashup screen is not required for a basic POS.

Your not going to find many easy turn on and turn off options with SambaPOS other than the basic POS setup it comes with built in. That is by design because SambaPOS is built purposely to allow you to customize just about every aspect of it exactly how you need.

If you dont want to learn how rules and actions work, or other features of SambaPOS then you will never really be able to use it much so in that case SambaPOS is not for you.

I have never used a POS system in any business (retail, restaurant, etc) that did NOT have an option to balance the drawer. I can;t imagine why anybody would want a POS system where at the end of the day you just have to say "Well… I bet there is enough money in there… " It kind of defeats the entire purpose of a POS system. I can use (and will probably have to) use what the other people using this seem to use… An Exel spreadsheet, but that will come down to what is more important to me in the long run… Money or convenience.

I looked at probably 40 POS systems today and NONE of them lacked a “settle” option. I am SURE this software needs it.

All the other open source POS systems (I tried them all today lol) have a start and end drawer option. They have HORRIBLE GUI though. They tend to look more like an exel spreadsheet rather than a tough screen POS system. This one is by FAR better looking,