Auto Limit Order Tags by Order Quantity

I have Lunch Set Menu which allows you to select Main and Drink products as Order Tag. When I have 30 Lunch Set Menu product from the menu, I need to Limit the Order Tags to 30 of Mains and 30 of Drinks. Is it possible with SambaPOS V5?

Go to the associated Order Tag configuration and set the Max Selected Items to 30.

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I mean Limit user to click order tags, Quantity of the product. If quantity 10 limit to Order tags to 10. not manually from minimum and maximum.

Unfortunately your misunderstanding how tags work.
In theory if those tags were priced and you have 30 orders with a tag of 1x main that is already 30x mains as tags are per order so if order was 10$ and tag was 1$
30x order = 300
1x tag = 30
As tag applies to each order when using quantity on order.
30xmain tag on 30 orders would report as 900 main tags in reports.

This feature is very common on other Restaurant POS software like Casio. Scenario is Table has 50 guests, they all want SET MENU A (£20 pp) which requires you to select Main only. I need to REQUIRE my USER to select 50 main for the SET MENU A.

This gives me following Advantages;

  1. User doesnt have to click and add 50 SET MENUS and select Mains order tag individually to the Order.
  2. Order tag can be adjust anytime without going through whole 50 products.
  3. Kitchen Ticket doesnt have to be LONG. it will be single product with few order tags.
  4. Bill will be same as Kitchen Ticket, It will be short.

Just type 50 in the numberpad and select menu A and select main and drink in order tags, you only have to do 5 clicks. Keep in mind that these 50 have to be prepared in the same way. If you have 30 menus with another drink, then select 20 and 30 menus with their own order tag.

That may be the case however that is not what order tags are. Order tags are primarily modifiers rather than independent objects.
So as said saying 50 mains with chips is 50 mains with 50 chips not 50 mains and 1 chips.
Flipside would mean you would have to add 50 chip tags…

Your ticket would read
30 set menu

  • main a
  • drink b
    20 set menu
  • main b
  • drink a

Alternatively look at combo setup where you would forget the set menu product and just ring in 30 main a, 20 main b, 30 drink b and 20 drink a and prices would be adjusted accordingly.

Tags also aren’t a good match for this type of set menu for many who use grouping on kitchen prints as grouping would be on orders meaning if you had starter main, dessert tags they wouldn’t be grouped with the other starters/desserts etc.

Yes we are not Casio. We are different and we do not want to be Casio. We try to solve issues for a broad range of setups and customer needs.

If you have a product called 30 set meal. Set the Min and the Max to 30 for the order tag group of Mains, Create another order tag group, set its min and max to 30. Map it to the 30 set meal product.

Your description of this is very vague and you are assuming we understand what your trying to do. We see thousands of different configurations every day and everyone from all over the world has different ideas how to do things. We are never sure what you mean exactly unless you explain clearly.

I am reseller of SambaPOS. I have never meant SambaPOS to be Casio. I dont know where you got the idea I meant that. I gave you sample of other POS system which has this feature.

I cant have 30 set menu product, because qty of set menus (Starter and Mains to be selected) always changes. sometime 100, 50 30, 20 or 5 set menus. Depends on table or part size. We cant know what user would like to enter as quantity. But User must be limited to select same qty Starters and same qty Mains as Set menu qty.

Yes I am aware you are a reseller. I did not mean to assume that I was just making a point. We hear that often, Well X POS Supports it… We are very well aware of all the features of just about all of the POS Systems. We try to solve issues for customers but we need to solve issues for a good majority not just a few. My point is I think we can solve this for you without having to add a feature.

You want to use Order Tags as products. But order tags were not designed to be products. I think we can maybe find a solution for you but it will not be exactly what you asked.

Instead of making us figure out your use case by seeing tidbits of it like here. Please explain it in full detail so we understand it and can provide accurate advice. I can only guess and try to give advice based on what you described. So far I think you have not received a good answer yet because we are still trying to figure out exactly what you need and why.

You have Menu Items and you press quantity button and add them to menu? You want order tags for each of those items but you want it to be limited to the number of items you added with quantity button? That is not possible. We can maybe find a better solution. I am not really sure what that is yet as this doesn’t seem to be a common situation in restaurants I have experience with. Perhaps some of our community members have come across this though.

Seperate fixed price menu with mains and drinks at prices that make correct total or combi deal setup are options.

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Please check video link. I try to do same in SambaPOS. How can I do it?



I would try using a similar setup to the Auto Combo setup and Switch Menu automation triggered on Order added and track how many of each order is added.

I wont be able to show you, this is very advanced and would take some time to figure out. But it should be doable with our toolset. Start by studying the Auto Combo setup available in our knowledgebase.