Auto logout works perfectly, except if using settle screen where amount tendered equals ticket total OR ticket total + 0.01, any ideas?

Its just my thinking as i worked in retail stores for years and how we processed refunds was just the same as a sale only the balance was negative so it was a really simple transaction

Im just trying to simplify something when i dont fully understand how everything in samba works yet and i think about things in a different way to how they work in samba because of how things have worked where i have worked before

This is why its good for me to talk to people with more knowledge of samba than me :slight_smile:

Thats what I was trying to say. The way this is designed for us to interact with and build… you cannot look at it with traditional logic when your building it. YOu have a set of tools and you have to tell it EVERY step along the way to do what you want. The foundation is laid by Emre. We can push the foundation to different avenues sometimes but for the most part we have to stay within the way it was designed to work.

While you are building your solution do not think of it as this should work this way because thats how it works in the real world. YOu need to look at it as…what tools do I have to tell this thing to do what I want. Then search how to use the tools and how to tell it to do what you want.

Then when we find a roadblock and you feel its integral to your business… that’s when a design change can happen.

I thought the same way as you when I first started and sometimes i still catch myself doing it. But now that I am looking at it differently its all opening up to me.

This software will eventually do WAY more than what most if not all POS software in this industry can do. It’s truly unique.