Auto refresh widget not working

hi in the waiter screen it dose not auto refresh until i re login the sambapos like when i close or settle ticket order display on kitchen screen after completing order when i fire order from kitchen screen it should reach to waiter screen but it dosent auto refresh in waiter screen i have to re login sambapos on waiter screen then i see the order can any one help me for this please

Check message server connected and that your only running one message server for machines and all are connected to it.
You should only have message server installed/running on one machine.

ya all are conected to same message server

Lbe sure refresh is set to 0 and can you show your settings on each terminal for message server

kitchen and waiter screen settings images

That’s not what I asked for. I meant the message server setting on each terminal so we can be sure you configured it correctly.

message server settings

Ok so you don’t have message server setup correctly. Probably have it running on each computer too.

this the way i have done to all systems and in the sambamessageservertool i have install the port here is the picture

Yes it’s wrong. So run the service tool on the server computer only. Set port to 9000+ then for other terminals set it as http://serverip:9000

Do not install message server on the other terminals just the server.

Basically you installed it on each computer and they are not connected to each other so it may say connected but it’s not communicating because each one is connected to itself

ok i will check in my laptops and get back to u

hi i am getting this error

sorry I told youy wrong just set it as http://serverip and set port below

UGH I looked and realized i told you wrong again. its http:\\serverip

PS I highly recommend sharex for taking screenshots or animated gifs to share.

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again error i got

Ok now on that server show your message server install with port.

Should look like this:

ok here is the picture

You do not have any other message server apps running on that machine right? That is the main server right? that is the one that is

yes tht is main server i dont have any other apps in it, yes this the ip