Auto refresh widget not working

Can you show me the icons running in your task bar?


On that machine try http:\\localhost

Use ip on the other terminals. So enter http:\\ for all of the other terminals on the network. Also try disabeling firewall… if it works after that we can put a rule in to allow message server and enable firewall again.

here is the icon picture


same error i got again on server ( an error occurred while sending the request)

Open services and go down to sambapos message server can you show that?

ok here is the services

Strange. Try restarting SambaPOS. If that doesnt work try restarting the server. You are on 64bit windows right?

i just gave ip without http:// it got connected but waiter screen is still not auto refreshing

If you defined it with 9000+ then it should connect with http:\\

So you installed it only one the SINGLE computer and then the other computer that has waiter screen connects to the main computers IP. Correct?

if u want i can give u team viewer for my both systems sorry to tell u this

I have anydesk can we use that?

sur just give me 10 minutes i have to install on both systems any desk

You dont have to install it just get the small app and run that.

ok here is my anydesk id for server 758920760

this for other system 758920760

I cant click on anything I guess you enabled view only?

one minute let me check

can u check now is that working

no control again , NM Weird its working again

Im not sure if its mine or yours but the connection is bad.

Can you click confirm. It wont let me confirm that.