Auto refresh widget not working

better than anydesk is ultraviewer

I am trying to uninstall message server and reinstall it.

ok no prob u can do anything this is not customer computer this is demo as i am following to MR JTR suggestion always test everything on demo systems not direct lol

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My connection is too unstable. Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

shell i close anydesk and reopen and give u

ok u can login to any desk now i have close and reopen again

i think there is something in rule refresh widget

oops mr jesse i uninstall and reinstall the port in message server tool as u said n it got conected have to check in other pc now

i checked but its not refreshing

its not refreshing there is some thing have to do in rule can u help me please for this

Rule? What do you mean?

Sounds likemessage server not setup corectly from discussions here.

ya but now it is configure as per MR Jesse

I never had chance to see other computer

shell i give u the anydesk

I do not have the time atm. Working on some of my own projects.

ok ok no prob i am sorry to disturb you

No its ok. Did you try disabeling firewall?

ya firewall already i disable

Try uninstalling 64bit version and install 32bit version of Message Server.