Autologin for SambaPOS

Hi everyone,

I am using SambaPOS for a kitchen display and when the machine reboots I have it set to launch sambapos. The problem is it hangs at the login screen and I do not want to include multiple input options so there is no keyboard.

Is there any way to make sambapos login to a specific user account? Right now I am using auothotkey to do it but it’s not a good solution at all.

Thank you.

There is currently no built-in method for Autologin.

If we had a Login User Action, this could be done.

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This could be very handy for uses like kitchen displays. :smile:
Even more so if you wanted a second kitchen display type screen as a ‘progress’/‘status’ screen which might not be touch screen. (Planned option for my hotel project)

Agreed! If you run Windows you can use autohotkey, I made a simple script to do it but its dependent on the screen resolution.

Could maybe use a third part app and scheduled task to emulate keystrokes on pin followed by return/enter…
If that what your saying already?

We have the event just not the action. Autohotkey does that JTR.

What does resolution have to do with anything? I frequently login using the numberpad or the numbers on the top row of my keyboard rather than touching the screen or clicking the mouse. AHK should be able to send these same keystrokes.

Hmm… can we use Start Process Action on Application Started Event to fire the AHK script? Is that how you’re doing this already?