Automate Create Ticket & Add Order

I try to automate create ticket and add orders to ticket but it is not working. I just show blank New Ticket Screen nothing was added.

I have following actions in Rule:

  1. Create Ticket Action
  2. Display Ticket (TicketID 0)
  3. Add Order Action

It look like just Create Ticket Action is not enough for ticket to be ready to add order. I’m missing something. I did tried Display Ticket still nothing.

If I do this:

  1. Create Ticket Action
  2. Show Message
  3. Add Order Action

It will show Message before showing Ticket screen and of course Add Order action alone working if it was fired within Ticket screen.

Any ideas how to automate that?

Why do you want to automate this?

I am thinking Create Ticket action is only usable if your inside ticket screen.

Integrate online order. Any other suggestion?

hmm…I don’t want to mess with customer Entity just yet lol.

You need to assign something to it so it tracks the online order. I would say Entity is a great idea.