Automated backup

Can I set an automated backup for a customer at a specific time . Since the restaurant is 24hr running there are chances that the ending of work period might be difficult. Is there any way we can set a specific time of the day when the back up is completed??

Yes it is possible, using {Date:} syntax constraint in a rule executing create back up action.

  • If you’re sure that the terminal running SQL Server will be up 100% of the time and running SambaPOS you could create a trigger and then have a rule that is fired when the event is triggered that calls the backup database action.

  • Create a batch file that executes the backup DDL using sqlcmd and have it run as a scheduled task

  • Write custom program that either runs as a service or a scheduled task that connects to SQL Server and executes the backup DDL.

Whichever you choose, it will generally only work on the terminal running SQL Server. If you go the automation route, be sure to constrain the rule to the the terminal name running on the same terminal as SQL Server.

You can use this, you basically create tasks with schedules to backup database. Really easy to use, it was something that came recommended by @markjw long time ago

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