Automatic course override


Hi guys,

I need some help again. I have searched the forums but have not come up with a solution that works for what I want.

We run a small family restaurant and I would like to make it easier for the kitchen to understand the kitchen dockets. What was needed was for the kitchen printer to automatically sort the order into “Starter”, “Main” and “Dessert”. I did this by adding a custom tag called “Default Course” and labelling each dish as either “Starter”, “Main” or “Dessert” (just like mentioned in the forum). This feature works great.
What I have also done is installed Emre’s “Courses2” file to notify the kitchen when they should start serving up the next course. This works great for calling for the next course and for changing a dish from “Starter” to a “Main” course as the system will print out this correction when I call for the next course .
However, I would like the option to override this default group setting/ course setting also for the initial kitchen docket that gets printed. For example: “Meze” which is normally a “Starter” should appear on the initial kitchen printout not under “Starter” but under “Main” (if requested by the customer). But on the initial kitchen docket “Meze” will still be listed under “Starter” not “Main”. How do I get Emre’s “Course2” to also change the default course to the new course?
So basically the kitchen printer should spit this out for the first kitchen docket as well not just when I call the next course:

  • 1 Kabak Mucver
    – MAIN –
  • 1 Salmon Skewers
  • 1 Meze
    – DESSERT –

Instead of this:


  • 1 Kabak Mucver
  • 1 Meze
    – MAIN –
  • 1 Salmon Skewers
    – DESSERT –

Thanks in advance for your awesome support!!


You should change your printer template to group by order’s course state. Not product’s custom tag.


Merhaba Emre

Thank you for your reply. I already removed the product’s custom tag a few hours ago and tried to sort via




The thing is that if I do not manually click on the “Course” button for every item in the ordering screen the initial printed kitchen docket will be empty. How to fix this has been a mystery to me since a few days now.


Are you setting default course for orders? You should read item tag and update order course when a new order is added. So you’ll only rely on course state.

… also I think order state should be Course here. Not starter.


Hi Emre,

Yes, I have set a default course for all menu items. Thank you for your suggestions it kind of works now with this line of code:



{ITEM TAG:Starter}

{ITEM TAG:Starter,Main}

It spits out this:


  • 1 Toasted Bagel Jam
  • 1 Toast and Jam
  • 1 Bacon and Tomato
  • 1 Grilled Swiss
  • 1 Toasted Western

Its 2am here so my brain might not be working properly or I am not very good at programming (I think the latter in this case). For the last step now what do I have to do so that it prints out the dishes under one heading for each course? e.g.

  • 1 Kabak Mucver
  • 2 Grilled Octopus

– MAIN –

  • 1 Salmon Skewers
  • 1 Meze


You’ll find required info here


I have re-read the link you posted but it still does not work. I have tried adding {GROUP KEY} but the printout for that line remains blank… I feel so stuck on this

I take that back it works now !! :smile:

Thank you Emre !


@ Emre

Quick suggestion for your Courses2 file

Currently, after highlighting the dishes and clicking ones way through the “Course” button the system does not automatically deselect the dishes once done/ course changed.
I suggest in your new version adding a tick before “Clear Selection” for “Change Order Course” in “Automation Commands”.


@Aksel thank you very much for the suggestion and please keep in mind you can also share better version of it if you want.


I would like to share it but there is an error every time I want to export my database. If I select the whole database for export the error will be: “Sequence contains no elements”. If I just select one or two categories the error is: “Could not load file or assembly…”.

Also, I corrected a typo “Deserts” to “Desserts” and added a fourth category “Side” and have changed or added everything necessary but there is still a small bug. Normally, if you click on “Serve” and the system says: “Which Course do you want to Serve”, lets say you click on “Starter”, the printer prints the dishes and then you repeat the same thing again. The second time round the second print out will be blank as the dishes will be listed as a served item. However, since I change “Dessert” and added “Side” I cannot get these to categories marked as served.

I have looked through everything. I have even manually gone through the text file “Courses2.txt” to check if I have missed a setting but it appears I have not… or have I?? Ideas how to get “Dessert” and “Side” to be marked as served?

  1. I couldn’t understand. Can’t you let us know what selected when x error appears? What do you mean by When I select one or two categories?

  2. OK. I think you assume we can remember all details about all tutorials we release but unfortunately this is not possible. It will be better if you can help us remember what was it by adding few screen shots. Was Courses2 tutorial contains implementation about course specific prints? As I can remember with that tutorial I meant to demonstrate how to change courses manually.


@ Emre

So when I try and export my database this is what happens

If I select the whole thing like this:

I will get this error message:

If I go and only select one item like so:

This is the error message I will get:

It does not matter which item I select I will always get an error message.
I hope this is more clear. Let me know if you want more information

I am using your Courses2.txt file.
I changed the name from “Deserts” to “Dessert” and added a fourth category called “Side”.
Normally, after I call the next course it will be marked as served. So if I print the same course for a second time the ticket will be blank. Which is what I want.
However, now that I changed the spelling of the “Dessert” & added a “Side” category the dishes in “Dessert” & “Side” do not get marked as served i.e. if I print out the “Dessert” course for the second time the dishes will still be there.

I have gone through all the Actions, Rules and Automation Commands but I cant seem to find the error. I have also manually looked through your Courses2.txt file to see if I have missed something but so far no luck

I click on the “Serve” button

The system now gives me the option which course to call

This is an example of the issue. Please note that there are two print outs of “Starter” and “Dessert” and that the 2nd “Starter” docket is blank and the 2nd “Dessert” docket still has dishes.
This is also evident on the reprint of the kitchen docket. This also happens with the “Side” category.


Can anybody help please?

btw. still cant export database with 4.1.8


I’m sorry because I really can’t remember what you are referring to by Courses2.txt. I know I’ve prepared it to help a user but I don’t remember what it was. When you are asking a question about a non-default configuration it will be better to add a reference (link) to the related topic so we can easily find it.

You can read Useful Tips section of Community Guidelines document for more useful information.

When you rename something you should also rename all references that possibly exists inside automation configuration. Please check related rules and actions for all references to Desert course and also rename them to Dessert.

Adding a new course name also might not be enough to make it work properly. You should check your automation configuration and make required changes inside related rules and actions to handle Side course.

Having a better understanding about how these rules and actions work is really needed to be able to customize / fine tune tutorials for your needs. You’ll probably continue optimizing that configuration as your business needs changes.

Sequence contains no element error does not happen because you selected all items. It relates with a single misconfigured element you normally you don’t select. It is too hard to know which one it is as all items are selected so to narrow it down please uncheck groups one by one until error message disappears. When you locate the group please uncheck sub items one by one to find which item leads to that error message. By finding it you’ll also find the reason of this error after checking it’s configuration but if you can’t find it please let us know your findings.

Also keep in mind export feature did not designed to export / import whole database. You can use backup / restore feature for that. Export / import feature is mostly used for exporting / merging part of your configuration to another database.