Automatic Print Work Period Report on Work Period Close

To print the work period report or any report on work period closing you simply need the following;

A print report action;

A rule for Work Period Ended event;

I have opted to use [:xxx] on the action to allow the action to be reused but you could make the action simply print work period report and set the report and printer in the action itself.
If set in action you can select values from dropdown.
If using [:xxx] you will need to type the values within the rule (no drop down) and make sure spelling and case are correct.

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Could we make it to ask a question when work period end button is pressed, to let user choose to print work period report? Or other report types?

You would change the print report action for an ask question with an automation command name of say ‘PrintReport’
You would set values to the buttons like Work Period=Work Period Report,Report X=ReportX, etc etc
Then have a new automation command executed rule with constraint of command name equals PrintReport.
Then add the print report action to that rule.
You could either define a print report action per report and constrain the action individually with something like ‘[:CommandValue]’ == ‘Work Period Report’ for the work period report action

Or if you want to get fancy is you use the [:xxx] for the action fields so they can be set in the rule and you carefully set the button values in the ask question to be exactly the name of the report you could just add the one print action set the printer but for report name you could use [:CommandValue] so that the single action will fire the printing of the report based on the command value of the button pressed for the report name.