Automatically Export CSV sale report

Hi everyone,
Is there anyway to make SambaPOS automatically export CSV sale report at the end of the day, or after ending a work period, or even every hours? If possible, can anyone help me how to do it? Many thanks for a great software :slight_smile:

With the hard-coded CSV in V4, this cannot be done.

If you have the Custom Reports Module, you might have an Action for Save Report to Text File. In that case, you could design a report and export it.

You could also work some magic SQL and use a Start Process Action to run the SQL to do a data dumpt to file.

But, the simplest method is to upgrade to V5, since it has much more flexible Data Export tools.

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Thanks. How more flexible in V5, @QMcKay?

Orders of magnitude more flexible.

Data Exports in V5 are simply a special type of Report. You can export as CSV, Tab-delimited, XML, YAML, etc. The format of the Export is whatever you define. You can even do exports containing embedded Excel formulas.

Yeah I’ve read V5 features.
Just another question: V5 has Data Export Action, can I use Trigger to automatically Export excel or csv file every hour?

Sure, that could be done.

I’ve tested it. But not sure where the files were saved. What is the default location to save file on Data Export Action?

Probably My Documents.

But you can define the path and file name in the Export definition itself. You can even use dynamic naming to have the date/time as part of the filename.

I see nothing in My Documents/SambaPOS 5. Probably I configured it improperly. But How do you define the path? I just saw the file name.

Hey I got the path, that was awesome. I’m keep testing the trigger now. Thanks

File Name: D:\Programs\POS\Exports\Sales_{DATE:yyyy-MM-dd}_{}.csv

This works via the Report Explorer by clicking on the Export Name link. It also works with the Action named Data Export.


I set up Trigger, Rule and Action but it seem doesn’t work. Could you help me to figure it out?

This is my Action:

My Data Export:

My Trigger

My Rule

Best not to use a trigger they won’t fire at all if you have an open ticket. Use other events like Work period closed etc.

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Yo, I changed my mind and decided to use PHP to query data from MS SQL to show the report, then automatically upload Sale data to the Internet hourly so I can see the Sale report with graph wherever I want.
Thanks guys


So… how to upload xml automatically via FTP?

probably using scripts but they are a v5 feature not v4.
could posibly map the ftp drive to windows and try saving to the ftp folder?

The tax service of my country, ask the following to upload the sales data:

To perform a UPLOAD automatically, the client program must simulate
A browser, that is, the program must perform the Socket communication of
TCP / IP with SSL data encryption. Once connected to the site, the program
You must send the data as shown in ANNEX 3, for which you must
Replace the fields with their corresponding data. The following are the
To make the connection:

  1. Host:
  2. Port: 443
  3. Encryption type: SSL

My question is if there is any way to do this in sambaPOS automatically?

With scripts in v5 pretty sure it would be doable.

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Hello I followed the Chart it has been helpful enough. Was asking on how best I can Make My Gift and Credit Card Show in My Report. this is What I put

Is Credit Card actually like that without space? Should be exact same as payment name.
Is Gift a payment type? By default its just an order state with price excluded from total?

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