Automation Button . Available times for use

Id like to create an (automated?) “AM Cash” button and a “PM Cash” button (so I can track breakfast and lunch sales without Starting/Ending a new work period) Is there a command I can add to the buttons so they are only available at certain times??

You can add a custom constraint in the rule for each button setting the time from and to so outside of those times the buttons wont work when pressed

Think its just the { TIME } tag, then use after and before from the dropdown followed by you start and end times


That would be something done more smoothly with custom reports. Reporting payments based on times rather than having two cash payment types.
But if prefered a time based constraint could do the job.
You wouldnt have two buttons though, just one button with two rules and the constraints on the rules would bean the button triggers both but the time constraints would mean that only one of the two would actually action.
For a good example of time based constraints have a look at some of the happy hour tutorials, at least one of those uses rule based constraints on order added to work which is the same idea as what you want but it will be automation command rule rather than order added.