Automation Command Button Visible States

I have a separate void button for pre-orders.

For the default Void automation command I’ve set enabled and visible states for Status=Submitted.

The enable states constraint seems to work, but not for visible states.

Any ideas?



Ticket display (enabled Void button is for pre-order which should be visible):

Remove Status= and just put Submitted

Button is still visible because the order’s pre-order state is submitted and matches “Submitted”.

For example, setting enable states to just “Submitted” both Void buttons are enabled:


I think you may need to seperate with a new state type.
I had something similar where I setup switch user and hold ticket.
Wanted a held order (submitted to db but not sent to kitchen etc) to be able to be canceled without admin pin for void as it was new in a sence.
So duplicated void automation as a cancel hold version with cancel button.
To seperate from the normal cancel etc I added new additional order states to control the visable buttons

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