Automation not executing on first try after create ticket action

For my pre-order automation one selects whether it’s pickup or delivery. There are things that need to happen that require an active ticket.

The create ticket action works fine, but anything else after it fails the first try. Below is just a basic automation that creates a ticket and adds a ticket tag (doesn’t tag on the first try, works on the second):

Here’s with a ticket created and order added (works on the first try):

Basic automation:


I’ve tried passing off to an automation command after create ticket action and the automation command executes before the create ticket action (according to the rule debugger). I added a 1s delay to the automation command and although the debugger shows the automation command as being executed after the create ticket action, nothing else seems to change the ticket (even though the rule debugger shows all rules and actions executed). Subsequent execution of the automation works like a charm just like illustrated above.

Is there a different way to approach this? Thanks.

It usually is a case of just needing to refresh ticket. Try display ticket action with 0 for ticket id

I am curious why the create ticket though. Have you tried just adding a ticket tag? Define the ticket tag but don’t map it then use automation to apply it.

The tag is just one of a few thing that need to happen to the ticket: tag ticket, set order state, change menu, etc.

When Status==New nothing happens with just a tag in the rule.

I’ll try the refresh and report back. Thank you.

No dice with the refresh ticket action


You put it in the wrong place…

You want to see the ticket tag that was applied… so put it after you apply the tag not before. Also define the ticket tag but dont map it.

Ahh, gotcha

If i had a nickel…

What are you trying to automate?


So, no luck with the refresh action after the ticket tag. Rule debugger shows everything executing in the order expected.

You wanted to see the datetimepicker in action, it’s part of pre-order automation:


Likely you will need to apply tag after it creates ticket then and not in same rule. Use an Execute ACM action and separate it out.

I would love if you could share that automation for the datetime picker. It doesnt have to be a tutorial if you dont have time. I can build the tutorial if you can share it with me. I may be able to tweak it and make it match SambaPOS look and feel.

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It’s not done via automation - it’s all C#

Automation only waits for the return value

So you did a dll module?

a windows app that returns a value to the calling method/app

Ah ok so that explains the slight delay.

that happens the first time it’s loaded into the appdomain, after that it’s a lot quicker

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So I did some testing for you and you can definitely use the Ticket Created event to apply the ticket tag. Maybe you should use a state flow after ticket created to constrain Ticket Created rule event so it applies the ticket tag when you need it to.

Easiest method would be use a specific Ticket Type for your project and constrain the ticket created rule even for only that ticket type.

THe problem I run into using ticket type is there is a pickup and delivery department with two different menus and some item prices are different. If one is in the pickup department and selects delivery as the pre-order it will switch to delivery department, ticket, and menu.

There’s got to be a way; I just have to find it. I’ll see if setting the pre-order state after the create ticket action and see if that is set for the ticket created action to see. Thanks for your input; I appreciate it.

Is that a WPF app? I have a WPF for date picker but it shows taskbar haha, what you used to code your app?

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