Automation to hold orders until ready to send to kitchen

hi sir i would like to contribute few feature one of them is
send order to kitchen buton dont send the order when taking the order once order taking is complete then send the order by chechking the order with customer til will help less voids order changes and cancelations of product

thanks and regards

That is kind of confusing because cant you just not press send and go over order with customer then press send?

sir iam using revel systems right now and iam fedup with them so i decided to make my own
you can find that

thanks you take customer order while taking the order customer changes mind lots of time or want to add more of same drink so once you stop taking all the order then repeat the to custmer then press send button it goes to kitchen display straight

Have you tried SambaPOS yet? You can use States to send the order. But before I explain how to do this it would be nice to be sure we understand exactly what you need.

It sounds like you want the ability to close the order and take other orders then come back to that person and finish their order then send it to kitchen? To do this we would need to keep the ticket open and not actually submit to the database… hmm can you explain more of your work flow you desire?

please find attached image there are three buttons cancel send or hold if you want to send it later

All those buttons can be create and customised by you, as your new to samba i suggest using the search function as theres a lot of information and tutorials to help you learn and customise samba

  1. Hold Button - do a search for hold orders or layaway or suspended sales. I have done a tutorial for this ill find and attach it

This tutorial can easily be adapted and change he wording from bar tab to held orders or similar

  1. Cancel Order - theres already a button to remove an order from a ticket. If you want to creae a button to completely cancel the ticket/transaction this again is documented with a tutorial on how to create it, search for abort order
  1. Send Order - this is pretty much what the close button does, the close button submits the ticket and the orders. You can add some actions to this rule to add functionality to send orders onto a kitchen screen when the close button is pressed. You can also rename this button to say send instead. There are tutorials to help you setup a kitchen display, this will be the more complex of the things to achieve

That should get you started and some have a database tooks file so you can directly import the setup into yours, always backup before you import anything


thank you sir thats very kind i like it iam also reading all the tutorials

sir if you dont mind can you please help me with uk post code

sir i has samba 5.58 and it was installed nor with local database as i was testing i was doing all experiments on it iam 100% sure i didnt install post code thing on it but i did created custom flieds doe address post code street and city
and for some reason when i was tyiping the custome postcode it was pulling up street and city autometicaly i didnt know hot ti was doing but i liked it

for some reason i had to format my hdd and install sambapos again but that postcode is not working now i have read tutorial and everything creadted text files but it seems not working your urgent help will be higly appriciated thanks in advance

Post code delivery setup is not a default part of samba, it was quite a complex setup that a few people did so you must of at some point installed part of that setup. Ive never installed the post code setup so dont know much about it. Theres a bit of info here:

@RickH Actually postcode is part of default install and can be activated from the configuration tasks.